Meridians are the bio-energetic communication pathways within the bodies systems.  The easiest way to understand them is seen through envisioning the body when in balance and functioning harmoniously as an in-tune symphony orchestra, playing in concert together to create one masterful piece of living works.  The body operates under the same principle. Literally everything is vibrational, right down beyond the cells and tissues to the atoms that make them up.  When functioning appropriately or in-tune, the body internal energetic pathways are able to communicate and compensate for each other to maintain homeostasis (balance). When one of the systems begins to operate out of tune the others make adjustments to compensate for its hypo (less than) or hyper (too much) activity.  IF this hypo or hyper-active state is prolonged and balance is not restored, the other meridian systems begin to pay the price, as they too have a job to do, and compensation for an imbalance can only be sustained for a short period of time, before the cost of compensation becomes over-burdensome.  It’s a cascade of events that leads down through the line causing further imbalance, if the original imbalance is not restored.

Everything you encounter in life carries an energetic toll, be it on the physical, mental/emotional or even spiritual levels.  Your experiences, or better termed how you handle what happens to you, mentally emotionally speaking has a tremendous influence on the energetic pathways of the meridian systems.

Negative emotions, are signals, driven down into the bio-energetic pathways that cause a disturbance in the energetic communications systems or Meridians.  This mechanism is designed to protect your conscious mind from overload, as the process of suppression drives those elements that illicit negative emotions from the conscious to the sub-conscious, which are then negative unwanted oscillations which must go somewhere.  They end up stored in the tissues of the organ systems, and this is exactly why for hundred if not thousands of years, the organs within the body have been said to house certain negative emotions, for example….the Liver houses the negative emotion of irritation and anger.  

The nervous system, which is integrated and operates in concert with the energetic pathways has its own cascade of effects when strong negative emotions are elicited.  This engages the “Fight or Flight” mechanism or “Sympathetic Nervous System” which in turn, forces the body into a state of tension for fast physical response, like running from a tiger.  If however there is no tiger, and you remain in this state your systems begin to energetically and physically exhaust.  Specifically the weakest link in the individual, be it lung, heart, liver, urinary bladder etc.  The weakest link forces the other systems to compensate.

One of the greatest advantages we have experienced through the use of the 12 Resonant Blends is that they stimulate “Para-sympathetic” response in the nervous system of the person exposed.  The Para-sympathetic nervous system is responsible for “Rest and Recovery” and functions in opposition to the “Sympathetic” nervous system. This is the first HUGE point of benefit to all forms of alternative healing, as the many modalities that seeks to assist people with health and healing, do so far more effectively if those that are seeking service are in “Rest and Recovery” mode of para-sympathetic response.  This allows the usual resistance patterns (Which all healthcare practitioners will agree is present in anyone who is in “Fight-Or-Flight Sympathetic Response”) to simply not be present, which allows the chiropractor, naturopath, massage Therepist, Bio-energetic Medicine Practitioner to more effectively do their job, with a greater positive response and outcome!

Further to this the “Emotional Release Technique” designed to accompany the use of the 12 Resonant Blends can have its perfect way.  This technique was designed though generations of experience handed down that identifies the “Primary Meridian Imbalance” and once identified and removed, through application of the Resonant Blend that accompanies the specific meridian, the energetic imbalance is restored to its natural resonance.

Imbalances in the meridian systems can most certainly affect the way one perceives the world, and has a particularly nasty way of “running the background” of a persons experience.  This is exactly why, the emotional shifts are so profound!  Not to mention the healings that occur thereafter.

Therefore in a nutshell, meridian balancing is the restoration of the natural resonant frequency (Vibration/oscillation) of the Meridian systems, through the introduction of hand-crafted high-vibrational essential oil blends, which are highly concentrated, which carry the energetic power through absorption and inhalation to restore the meridian system to its natural frequency.  This process was highlighted in our last post regarding the 33 principles of  innate intelligence, specifically in principle #23 The function of Innate Intelligence is to adapt universal forces and matter for use in the body, so that all parts of the body will have co-ordinated action for mutual benefit.

This summarizes why we use the powerful lifeblood provision of mother natures wondrous creation of essential oils, which give the plants their inherent and unique abilities.  This life force which is unimpeded by negative influence to the greatest extent we can provide, is the pure life-force that when properly leveraged at the right time and location can bring about miraculous healing outcomes.  It’s all just simple physics backed by some philosophy of course.  This philosophy isn’t owned or operated by anyone or anything but the universal force that is inherent in all things, we only serve to leverage its tremendous power to serve you, our trusted friends.

Each of the 12 Resonant Blends are exactly in tune out of the bottle, with precisely the frequency of each of the meridian systems in their natural state.  The restoration of the “Primary Imbalance” (which is identified through EAV, Touch-for-Health, Muscle testing, Applied Kinesiology, Dousing, and many other forms of energetic testing) allows the main interference pathway to be restored, causing a cascade of rebalancing through-out the other meridian systems.  Put simply, the 12 Resonant Blends provide the presence where the absence once was.  This provision has many implications, but the first and most important is that people immediately feel better.  They are restored to the “Seat of Love”.  Habitual long-standing imbalance has a nasty way of running the background of your entire experience, and wiping of the slate, or restoring the balance to the primary imbalance can be quite dramatic!

As we explained earlier, the imbalance of the primary has a nasty effect on the rest of the meridians and can leave them quite drained.  Each and every system must be sequentially restored in due season, which is why working with an understanding licensed healthcare practitioner is highly advised, allowing the process of health and healing to restored completely.

When people feel better they make better decisions. When they make better decisions the result is the living of life on life terms, and with purpose, and the world benefits!