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Retail Display Set | 5 Full Refillable Sets [Resonant Blend]

Refillable retail display set, enables practitioners to have a compact solution to provide for their clients.

Due to high demand for access to individual “Take home” bottles of the 12 Resonant Blends, we created this set.



The 12 Resonant Blend Retail Display Set Includes:

Four 5ml or 10ml bottles of each of the 12 Resonant Blends.

One 12 Resonant Blends Kit with aromatic cedar box

One 5ml bottle of each of the 12 Resonant Blends (For sampling along the top)

Quick Reference Guide & Brochures also included

1 – Heart Meridian / Accordance

2 – Small Intestine Meridian / Connection

3 – Urinary Bladder Meridian / Absolution

4 – Kidney Meridian / Harmony

5 – Heart Protector Meridian / Tranquility

6 – Triple Burner Meridian / Radiance

7 – Gallbladder Meridian / Agreement

8 – Liver Meridian / Longevity

9 – Lung Meridian / Unification

10 – Large Intestine Meridian / Discernment

11 – Stomach Meridian / Exhilaration

12 – Spleen Meridian / Resilience


Why not add the Rain-Drop Nebulizer Diffuser?

Our rain-drop essential oil diffuser is an elegant addition to your clinic / spa or health and wellness practice.

The curvaceous hand-blown glass chamber diffuses pure essential oils without the need for heating, water or ultrasonic waves.

So you enjoy a beautifully full aroma that delivers all the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils you offer.

Trust us, this will be a centrepiece of conversation and assist in driving sales while clients enjoy the aroma producing power in your waiting room.

In fact, it would be a good idea to add 3 or 4, so you have some on hand when people ask where they too can get one.


This compact, easy to store, easier to refill set is a must have, and is only available for viewing and purchase to our “Wholesale Practitioners”.

Further to this, we have been asked (by many) and will configure this beautiful display with your favourite top 12 single oils also.  

Simply email the  list of the 12 Essential Oils that you would like included with your display, to info@aethericessentials.ca

Dimensions of fully stocked retail display are:

Length (front and back) 16.5 Inches

Width (depth) 6 Inches

Height (how tall) 9 Inches 


Aetheric Essentials


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