The Resonant Blends: Their True Purpose

It is commonly known amongst healthcare practitioners that the brain is the main interference pathway towards a continual loss of health and well-being.

The subconscious is a storehouse of inappropriate information; knowledge, opinions, beliefs, competition, our experiences, and disturbing emotions to name a few.  I call it “Stinkin Thinkin”. The consciousness seeks to make sense of the goings on in the world by utilizing similar events in the sub-conscious.  Then action will be taken; and not always for the best.

To avoid extreme cognitive dissonance or brain overload, the brain will store disturbing emotions within the cells and tissues; more specifically within the organ systems.  For example, anger is stored in the liver, fear in the kidneys, anxiety in the stomach, etc.  In time the organ will be overloaded and cannot function properly.  Symptoms of malfunction will eventually occur.

Many of us natural healthcare practitioners focus on the physical ailments that are a result of mental / emotional stress/ disturbance. Chiropractors, for example, adjust to allow for the current of life we call innate intelligence to be expressed to every cell and tissue of the body. Studies prove that the brain is positively affected after an adjustment.  Think of this; you adjust and innate is flowing from above down inside and out.  Innate comes via the nerve to the liver.  Science tells us that each cell has its own mind.  The liver is made of many cells and is therefore comprised of a collective mind.  The higher levels only permeate the lower levels if the lower physical levels are willing to receive from above.  If someone is filled with anger and overwhelmed, the liver and all its cells will be stuck on the negative unwanted oscillations of anger, and it is all they can receive.  Anger is a pattern.  They will not look upward.  Change is not going to occur.  Innate will not be received wholly and fully until the disturbed emotion, anger, is released. And so it is with the physical body as a whole.  Disturbed emotions are stored everywhere; in the brain, in the muscles, in the shoulders, in all of the cells and tissues.  There is no awareness of a higher level; the level that would restore true life towards a radiant being and vibrant living.  These stored emotions will interfere with all the loving service health care practitioners would seek to provide;  acupuncture, massage, naturopathy, medical care, you name it.  These stored unwanted disturbing emotions are in the way.  They must be released for us to do our work.  To save lives.

Practitioner’s Application

There are many ways to test for balance within the meridian fields.

–     EAV – The priority point (Avatar, BioMeridian)

–     Muscle testing (Strength test)

–     BioEnergetic testing (Right thumb and little finger together, test for strength)

–     Pulse point testing, etc.

An Example:

  • Place the patient’s left hand on their chest, test for strength in the (Right hand, thumb and little finger) or (right arm muscle strength)
  • Test for Right/Left brain imbalance (Right/Left Spin). Elbow up then down.
  • Balance as necessary for the K27 points in the direction of the strong test
  • Rub w/medium pressure briskly.
  • Patient places left hand on the chest again to check for meridian balance.

Questions to ask: (By Practitioner)

  • Are the meridian fields in balance?
  • YES – Strong test
  • NO – Weak test
  • If NO say each meridian name until you get a Strong test
  • There may be one or more that tests positive
  • Test all 12 meridians


  • Have the patient hold each vial in left hand still on their chest until you have a positive strong test.
  • TEST ALL 12 Resonant Blends

Once the priority resonant blend(s) have been found – verify by putting under the patient’s left hand on the chest – test is strong.

Now the affirmation may be created by the patient using the aetheric word on the label of the priority blend.

Have the patient think of the word and take a deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth slowly.  Then their unique affirmation will come from within.  It is important for complete release and reconnection.

Aromatic Emotional Release Technique/Meridian Balancing

Next Step:

  • Test for the points where the priority blend will be applied. Either vagus, alarm point, neuro lymphatic, ESRis always the priority

The Application for Emotional Release and Meridian Balancing:

  • Place 3 drops of blend in a small shallow cup – preferably clay/ceramic
  • Have the patient sitting and hold the cup in both hands
  • Breathe the blend in deeply through the nose, hold for 3 seconds, then breathe out through the mouth, repeat this process, three times.
  • Be sure they think of the word for their affirmation then lay them down

Next Step:

  • Rub on ESR points on forehead c/w for 3-5 seconds
  • Apply on points where positive test was found, for example, vagus points bilateral, alarm points for weakened meridian and/or neuro lymphatic point for associated organ
  • Doctor places left thumb and ring finger lightly on ESR points on patient’s forehead
  • Right hand all fingertips and thumb together and place over the heart. Do not touch, hover about 1/2“ away. To hold the field for emotional release
  • Feel the pulse on ESR points, hold until they balance and release – (no pulse)

Next Step:

  • Sit patient up and give them the cup again
  • Use 2 fingers on each hand and collect the remaining oil, rub hands together, rub on neck, chest, etc.
  • Patient to repeat at home 1-2 x per day (see patient homework)
  • Saying the affirmation silently or outwardly is important
  • Place 3 drops of the priority resonant blend on a 3x3x3 cardboard triangle cut out or Kleenex for sleep
  • See patient homework sheet to maintain the balance of all 12 meridians

Personal Application

(Patient Homework)

Continue to balance your priority meridian and release unwanted stored emotions using the action steps below 1-2 per day or as your licensed healthcare practitionerrecommends.


  1. Place 3 drops of your priority Resonant Blendin a small shallow cup. (Preferably ceramic); a shot glass will work too.
  2. Hold up to your nose and breathe in through the nose deep and slow. Hold for 3 seconds and then slowly release the air out through your mouth. Repeat this process three times.
  3. With your right hand place your thumb and ring finger on the ESR points which are located one inch above your eyes, on your forehead. Once you have located the ESR points, dip your fingertips into the blend and apply topically.
  4. Now rub gently, clockwise for 3-5 seconds.

Sit or lie down for these next steps:

  1. Place left hand on your heart.
  2. With your right hand place your thumb and ring finger, on the ESR points as mentioned above. Hold Lightly
  3. Close your eyes, breathe in and out deep and slow while thinking of your affirmation, (ætheric expressionlocated on bottle eg. “Connection”) for a few minutes until you feel a relaxing shift.
  4. Apply the remaining blend (in the cup) to your body as you wish and/or rub it onto a tissue or cotton ball, and keep it in your pocket, breathe in deeply throughout your day especially when you feel stressed, refocus by thinking of your affirmation.


Place 3 drops of resonant blend on a 3x3x3 inch triangular piece of cardboard and place between pillows or in pillow cover – repeat nightly with same triangle until new Resonant Blendarises.


Rub blend on neck, shoulders, chest, etc.

Sleep Well.

NOTE:  Your personal affirmation is important as it will come to you from within.  Repeating the affirmation silently to yourself will help to release stored negative emotions.  Let this affirmation resonate through your body, mind and heart often.

Complete Balancing of Your 12 Meridians

Holding the Mother Field

Once your specific meridian has been balanced, by applying the appropriate Resonant Blendusing the techniques made available, you may move on to maintain balance of all the meridian fields using the cedar box containing all of your 12 Resonant Blends. (Cedar box was chosen specifically to aid in the grounding effect)

Preferred application:

Take a 5x5x5 inch piece cardboard, cut into a triangle, and place 1-3 drops of each blend on the triangle.  Keep it close while relaxing (or at the office, etc.)  Breathe and Enjoy!


The 12 Resonant Blends can be enjoyed throughout the home or office.  Enjoy the production of a safe surround and generate a sacred space, into which you can relax and enjoy deeply, your new found emotional freedom!

Alternative application:

Place 1-3 drops of all 12 blends in a small clay ceramic cup and rub on your body.


Place 1-3 drops of all 12 blends on a tissue or cotton ball and keep it in your pocket and inhale from time to time, or if particularly challenging moments arise.