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Single Essential Oils: A range of the highest quality Essential Oils, sourced for exceptional purity we provide ONLY oils with extraordinary EO profiles.

EXCLUSIVE Resonant Blends: Proprietary blends specifically designed to promote and support emotional health and wellbeing.

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Proudly Canadian, and all our prices are in Canadian Dollars, which means our US friends save an extra 25%

We do not maintain a brick and mortar storefront, nor do we support Multi-Level Marketing (MLM).

This allows us to sell our exceptional Resonant Blends, Certified Organic Essential, and Carrier Oils at prices that make sense for professional, and daily use.

For Practitioners

For Practitioners

We source essential oils from sustainable, ethical and reliable producers in locations around the globe. We test their bio-energetic qualities, their purity, and their concentration. So you can rely on them for daily use in your practice, at sensible, cost-effective prices for daily use.

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For Aromatherapy

For Aromatherapy

Buy your aromatherapy essential oils without compromising on quality. We source the highest quality aromatherapy oils you need, at a price that’s sensible and cost-effective in your practice. Simple as that!

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12 Resonant Blends

12 Resonant Blends

A unique set of essential oil blends designed specifically for professional bioenergetic balancing, meridian balancing and emotional release techniques. Efficiently and effectively restore the 12 primary meridians back to their natural resonance.

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For Partners

For Partners

Aetheric Essentials offers exceptional pricing for all of our high quality products to those who wish to share in our success. We offer several opportunities for individual practitioners, small group practices, and large practice groups alike.

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It is a Divine pleasure to have bioenergetically formulated essential oils for use in my daily practice. As a Naturopathic Doctor who applies the principles of energetic medicine in my practice, the use of Aetheric oils has been an incredible addition to ERT and energy balancing work. I love to see how the day unfolds with each session! Every client thoroughly enjoys the oils, and the peace it brings to their senses. It truly is adding the Live Force of plants to the healing field and helps deep subconscious obstacles release. I love that the clients higher self knows what exactly is needed in the moment to energetically shift and process blocked emotions or energy. I have used many brands of essential oils before, nothing compares the quality of Aetherics blends.

So grateful for Dr. Folkard’s formulations and insight!

Dr. Dawn Cormier-Hazen ND

When I initially first smelled the 12 resonant blends I knew they were something special. Being experienced and around essential oils for nearly a decade now I have never truly understood how therapeutic they can be, until you experience the ‘real deal’. I also love the fact that they are USDA certified.

Lucy Jabrayan

Great blends. Smell amazing and great for a relaxing bath or for diffusing. The quality speaks for itself!

Michelle Gordon

The highest quality essential oils that i have found in years!

Dr Liza Cherubini, Chiropractor - Redbank New Jersey

I had been having a significant problem with constipation this past year as I have radically altered my diet and lost 65 pounds.  Almost immediately after beginning to use the large intestine oils, I have not had one day of constipation.  I have also broken a 4 month plateau in my weight loss and have lost 3 pounds in 1 month and now I’m only 3 pounds from my ultimate goal weight.  I am very grateful for having found this product.  It has made a wonderful difference in how my intestinal system is performing and helping to have more peace and comfort.  Thank you!

Dr. Selina Sigafoose-Jackson DC

I fully support and believe in Aetheric Essentials purpose as revealed through the 12 Resonant Blends.  Their care and attention to detail in formulation, is immediately evident,  and the energetic qualities are precisely in line with “Meridian Balancing”  My wish, is that these blends help many more people more effectively and efficiently arrive at complete healing, and they smell great too!

Dr. Cedric K. T. Cheung

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